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Sole Global Producers, Distributors and Exporters: Africa puzzles,Europe puzzles,Middle East puzzles, America puzzles, Canada puzzles, China puzzles, India puzzles, Australia puzzles and world puzzles Mimimum Order 10,000 Pieces, target market whole sellers, destributors, departmental stores and chain stores in Europe, America, Canada and the world over.
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We secure export contracts for African art and crafts and fresh fruits and other exportable products globally, we export art and crafts, promote art and crafts, general furniture and interior decorations worldwide, we promote culture, tourism in diversity into the world market, we identify and promote products that suite the world market

We finance our producers and also give them updates about international products needs and trends, we also guide them and update them about international market information based on international market research and product development innitiatives.

we promote product innovations 

We provide Commercial industrial Graphic offset Printing Services from A-Z for Export

We provide graphic industrial printing services, we print on all sorts of materials that conform to local and international markets, for example Letter heads IDs Cards,printed envelops, Panphlates, invoices Calenders Diaries  Name tags, Brochures Magazines and books of all sizes and all volumes, spot and full color that conform to international standards.

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Culture and Tourism

Culture and tourism in diversity Promotion into the world market, come and see the only 500 speices of the gorrila remaining on planet earth only in Uganda.welcome to Uganda the pearl of Africa.Uganda Tourism Board

Welcome to Uganda, The Pearl Of Africa
Crested Crane
Crested Crane
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