World Puzzles:
Sole Global Producers, Distributors and Exporters: Africa puzzles,Europe puzzles,Middle East puzzles, America puzzles, Canada puzzles, China puzzles, India puzzles, Australia puzzles and world puzzles Mimimum Order 10,000 Pieces, target market whole sellers, destributors, departmental stores and chain stores in Europe, America, Canada and the world over.
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About Us :

We are innovators of the world Puzzles, sole producers, whole sellers, global distributors and world exporters, we are targeting whole  sellers, distributors, departmental stores and chain stores globally, we have a minimum export order of 10,000 pieces per consignment. We provide door to door delivery services, and we can ship from any port in Africa with bias at Mombasa and Tanzania ports as our main shipping ports.

Exporters of Assorted hand crafts
We are exporters Assorted crafts, from all parts and districts of Uganda, since crafts are tribal, traditional and cultural thus we call those collections and they are produced on subsistence level, that is the reason we export assorted crafts and they are composed of items like baskets, place mats, sitting mats, seed beaded wall hanginga, Nubian mats, Nubian food covers, Ankole baskets, Toro handbags, palm leaves table mats, banana fiber table mats, bark cloth table mats, back cloth Albums, children baby dolls, children toys, children balls, round drums, long drums, Jembe drums, flute, African violine, xylophone, children bicycle toys toy cars, African ware Wrapping cloths, decorative stools, decorative tables, assorted furniture, decorated doors, mahogany doors, muvule doors, Nkalati doors, teak doors and wood products.

These are old collections, stone age used in kingdoms, they are rare and we have no guarantee for 2nd piece for they are not produced but collected, they are tribal from Uganda , Sudan, Rwanda and the majority of them from Dr. Congo.

Innovation product brands
We have made unique innovations, that are not any where on planet earth of which which we are the sole producers, distributors and exporters globally, They are patented with international copy rights. we can even give out franchise for some of the products innovation Brands. These were innovated by the re-known international Artist, Moses Magala Semakula known as "The Magala product Brands". These are composed of the Africa Puzzles, the world puzzles, the coffee set stool puzzles,the dinning table puzzle, the CHOGM book 2007 Kampala, Uganda, the AGOA book 2000/2015 and film documentaries on African culture and tourism in diversity promotion into the world market

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Target Export Market:

We are interested in global multi - international investors established in the areas of products and services Distribution stores worldwide , production Quality experts, Procurement and chain store suppliers ,skilled and experienced organisations in wood works, plastics and suppliers to Europe, America ,chain , Canada ,south Africa , middle East export markets and the world over of particularly African art and crafts , children games ,puzzle games and Documentaries on arts and crafts ,culture and tourism in diversty promotion into the world Market.


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